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Prepare and Care

You are thinking to book the appointment that is a great first step. This page will go over steps to help prepare the area of treatment along with how to care after the service is performed. With the proper prep and following aftercare will allow the best outcome.

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Brow Wax

-No Retinols for 5-7 days beforehand

-No Sunburn

-No Peel the week of and after the completion of the peeling phase

-No Botox the week of

-No Antibiotics

-Accutane free for 6 months

These do not make it safest to wax in the area but a brow tweeze is safe for the skin and will be performed in replacement

After a brow wax should not exfoliate in the area the waxed till 2 or 3 days  after

Direct sun exposure can have more sensitivity


-No open lesions

-No severe sunburn

-No active herpes breakout

-Need to fill out the in-take form to state allergies

-No need to exfoliate the few days proceeding the appointment

-Best to know at-home products you're currently using to adjust

skincare routine

-For known treatments like a peel avoid retinol for up to 3 days

before hand

After a facial if performed at night does not need to be washes again for the benefits of the finishing products can perform their job. If the facial was performed in earlier in the day washing your face may be needed to wash off the sweat, dirt, makeup, and pollutants exposed to.

Peel after-care

-do not wash the face for at least 6 hours best to wait till the next day for some peels

-Avoid direct sun exposure by reapplying sunscreen and possibly a hat if active outside

-Avoid exfoliation for 7 days

-No picking or pulling on the flaking skin

-No retinols and active ingredients for 5 days (needing to make sure the skin heals as the ingredients will cause sensitivty on the skin)

-Sleep on a clean pillow case

-Follow the after care routine given at the time of appointment as it varries for everyone

Lash Extensions

Best to arrive with no eye makeup on

The first full set is needed to place an extension on every eyelash needing up to 3 hours depending on the style wanting. After the first appointment then best recommended every 2 week for a fill appointment to replace the lashes that naturally shed out or those that popped off.

Can request test patch if previously known of eye allergies or allergies to lash extension glue

After each lash extension appointment the first few hours after the appointment should avoid getting the lashes wet, allowing the glue to cure fully. Washing the lashes at the end of the appointment or shortly after can help with the fumes if sensitive.

-No picking or pulling the lashes

-Wash frequently to wash away dirt, pollen, oils, and makeup

-Brush the lashes a few times a day to keep them fluffy and avoid tangeling

-Careful while swimming or long periods of time being wet. Do wash the lashes after pool, ocean, or lake water

-After washing the lashes with a proper cleanser (one that foams) best to fan dry preventing clumping of the lashes. Keeps them fluffy

-Avoid oils around the eyes, double checking skincare and makeup products that are oil based

-Can use a silk or satin pillow case to prevent grabbing of early shedding on the lashes between the cotton filbers


Lash Lifts

Do not want to get the lashes or eyebrows wet for 24 hours best to avoid  makeup around the eyes before and after appointment. This does not state you cannot wear makeup, however it may cause some difficulty in avoiding the lashes or eyebrows when removing makeup. Showers are also another form of water that should be avoided after the appointment, should plan accordingly as it could get the treated area wet or even the steam softening the effects.

Do not want to get the lashes or eyebrows wet for 24 hours

Frequently brush the hairs to keep with the muscle memory of the perm

-This treatment can be done every 6 weeks and can risk hair health if performed before 6 weeks

Permanent Cosmetics

Consultation is required before booking the appointment

Before the procedure the following needs to be taken into count:

-Pregnant or breastfeeding (nursing is allowed but unable to use numbing)
-Undergoing radiation or chemotherapy (1 year since last procedure)
-Taking immunosuppres
sive medication/have been diagnosed with an immune disorder (medical permission)
-Have any active infection
-Have an upcoming surgery within 4 weeks
-Taking blood thinning medication or substances
(medical permission and can fade pigment quicker than average)
-Commonly suntan (can fade and not give lasting results)
-Diabetic (can take longer than normal for healing process)
-Currently taking painkillers, street narcotics, or have drinking problems

-Sustain from alcohol and ibuprofen for 24hrs, no caffeine and no exercise morning of

-Taking krill oil/fish oil (not within 24hrs of appointment)
-Have a tendency to keloid (will effect the healing process)
-Having had peels/microneedling one month prior to appointment 

-Have had laser resurfacing in the past year
-Currently on or having used accutane in the past year
-Have had botox injections on the forehead within 3 weeks

After-care for permanent cosmetics determines the healing process end results

-Blot dry frequently for the next few hours after procedure

-Apply a very thin layer of provided aftercare few times a day the day after

-Do not want to wet the eyebrows for the first 3 days

-On day 4 wash eyebrows with mild antibotic soap

-Sleep on a clean pillow case and clean hands before touching the eyebrows

-Avoid direct sun and tanning bed exposure, sweating, sauna, and pool for the duration of 14 days or the completion of flaking

-Do not pick or pull on any flaking

-During the healing process the color will fade 30-60% and shrink in size

-Color may feel less visible or "fall out" but will return once completely healed

-Avoid retinol, acne clearing ingredients, oils, and oily hair till healed between 4-6 weeks

-At high risk of infection/must take antibiotics during dental work.

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