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Welcome to our Help Center. Take a look at some of the most common questions we’ve received from our customers. If you still have something you’d like to know, let us know and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Esthemax jelly mask Amys Aesthetics

What Skin Care Lines Does Amy's Use?

We use professional skin care only to provide the best results for all skin types. Current brands being used are PCA and Esthemax Hydrojelly. Retail products for purchase include PCA skin care, Lash Box LA lash bath, and Babe Lash lash serum.

Amys Aesthetics Dermaplane

What Is Performed During A Custom Facial?

When the facial is performed the steps include cleansing the skin to remove all makeup, dirt and debris then perform a second cleanse that will start the treatment of the skin needs. After cleansing then exfoliation will be the next step. Exfoliation has a few options that be be provided. Next will be the masking portion that will be mixed and customized to give the best results of the current treatment and continue on boosting the at-home skin care. As the mask is processing for 10-20 minutes an upper body massage will be performed. The final steps of the facial are the finishing products, which include serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

Peel before and after

How Frequent Should I Get A Skin Treatment?

The frequency of receiving skin treatments does depend on the overall goal of the skin. Treatments for acne are best for frequent visits as one to two times a month. Once a month for resurfacing, hydration, compromised, anti-aging, and pigmentation concerns is best to match the skin turnover cycle.

Amys Aesthetics Hybrid Lashes

What Are Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes?

There are three main styles of lash extensions classic, hybrid, and volume lashes.

Classic lashes is one lash extension on one natural lash. This style lengthens and darkens the amount of natural lashes you have. The length of natural lash and health of the lash is taken into factor for the length that is allowed per hair.

Volume lashes are multiple lash extensions that create a fan, this is then placed onto one natural lash. Volume fans are created with a very small diameter lash extensions usually in fans of 3-8 hairs. The strength and length of the natural lashes play a factor in how full of a fan it can hold with causing no damage. Volume lashes do create a fuller lash look. This style can be wispy and airy or dense depending on the look you are wanting.

Hybrid lashes are the combination of both classic lash placement and volume lash placement. This style gives a toned down volume look and a slightly elevated look from the classic style by giving slightly more fullness.

All these styles are the generalized classification. Lashes can be custom and modeled to how you want to look and your eye-shape.

Amys Aesthetics Hybrid Lashes and brow wax

What Do I Need To Avoid With Lashes?

Lash aftercare of avoiding rubbing, pulling, and picking at the lashes will help keep the health of your lashes. By not following the aftercare it will lead to natural lashes being pulled out thinning and damaging the hairs. This will alter the ability of placing certain lashes and even less lashes being placed. Majority of the time the hairs will grow back and the aid of lash serums can allow for quicker growth. There can be a chance the damage is more long term than expecting. Following this guideline will help keep the ability of keeping with lash extensions.

Volume eyelash extensions

I Heard Lashes Can Damage Your Lashes, Is That True?

Following the precaution with the aftercare is the important to keep with the lashes. This is 50-70% of the responsibility as the remaining 30% portion is on the lash technician. My job as the lash technician is to make the trained judgment of weight and length a single hair can hold. Other factors are making sure there are no two hairs stuck together. This will cause sensitivity and one of the hairs most likely will be pulled out as they continue to grow. The best way to judge if lashes are done properly is that they should not be felt, they should not hurt and not hurt when brushing the lashes.


For any additional questions about any service please reach out to have a conversation to go over everything. A 15 minute consult may be the best option to go over all possibilities in person and could be required. 

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